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Broker Technology

Broker Technology
Forex Broker Solutions
With USD 5 trillion trading volume per day, FOREX Market is world’s volume. Yes, you read it right, its USD 5 trillion a day! This is one-fourth of US GDP of $ 19.39 trillion. Such humongous is the Forex Trading Market. And why shouldn’t it be, after all we live in a globalized world where most of the countries trade with each other. And all these transactions involve one or the other currency. Investments are being made world over by one country to another and all these need transaction in Forex. Everyday billions of businesses located across globe transact with each other for their trade.
All these parties and people need currencies every day and their buying and selling creates this huge FOREX Market. With the advent of technology, FOREX Trading has got widespread popularity. It’s quick, easy and can be a good source of income for traders.
While International Banks and Institutions create the largest part of volume, small time retailers participate in Forex Market too on day to day basis. People from every walk of life from different regions of various countries are actively participating in forex trading and making livelihood for themselves.
Forex Brokers play a vital role in bridging gap between these small retailer and the large forex market. Forex Brokerage Business can be extremely rewarding if done with proper planning and right tools. We at MT4 & MT5-Whitelabel provide the forex trading software and tools, consultancy for starting Forex Brokerage Business, Opening On Shore and Off Shore Business, Getting Forex License and Regulatory approvals etc.
We are going to share Step-By-Step Guide To Starting Your Own Forex Brokerage Business. And this blog is very first in this series.
Who is a FOREX Broker?
Forex brokering business provides currency traders with access to a trading platform that allows them to buy and sell foreign currencies. It’s basically a platform that connects forex traders (primarily forex retail traders) with global network of forex market at large. Forex Brokers are the gateway to huge Forex Market for the small time retails forex traders. Forex Brokers are the most important part of this glorious international financial market and here is the List of 15 Things Forex Brokers do for Forex Traders.
  1. Open Account
  2. Do the KYC
  3. Take care of AML and other regulatory compliance to keep everything clean
  4. Deposit and withdraw money with multiple options like Bank Account, Credit Card, Wallet etc
  5. Keep the charges clear and transparent
  6. Provide platform to place Forex Trading orders
  7. Wide range of Currency Pairs
  8. Provide leverage so that traders could take larger traders with lower capital
  9. Liquidity which makes sure traders get in and get out from trader at their choice of price point
  10. Quick Support and Query resolution
  11. Tools to keep track of their trade, profit and loss, charges etc.
  12. Freedom to trade as and when a trader wants not only this but the freedom to not to trade is essential too
  13. Close the account whenever a trader wants
  14. Share the news and events that may impact Forex Market
  15. Keep on upgrading the systems and tools with latest versions
This is just a quick list that a forex broker does but there are more to this and we will discuss them in next blogs about forex broker. So stay tuned!
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How much of the Lehman Brother's Forex training manual is relevant today for retail traders?

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Forex is not for retail traders

I still can’t understand why retail traders are involved in Forex. It’s not their place and should not be in their interest. Forex is the foreign exchange of currencies, which is the business of big companies that shuffle around money. There is no technical structure in Forex and all movement in short term is random and long term is based on fundamentals.
Why do retail traders keep thinking (day)trading forex can ever be profitable?
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where to get volume information + daytrading

Developing process of intraday trading. Anywhere from scalping to holding a position for a handful of hours. Looking to go live with a small account to get my feet wet, and then deposit funds to make it more serious if successful.
A lot of successful traders seem to stress the importance of looking at volume information. For forex retail traders, would this be DOM? Is there a good source for this? I know you can purchase DOM information through a account. Questions:
1) If you use volume information or DOM, where do you get it? Do you use it on your platform or some other source?
2) how important would you rate this information?
3) Is there an economical source for this information for someone just starting out?
Any help is much appreciated, thanks community
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Tips for Retail Fx traders to succeed in Forex #forextraders #successfultrades #stoplossorder #FXeducation #tips #wetalktrade

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How many currency professional traders are there?

According to CityFx report from January 2014, There are 4 million Forex retail traders around the globe. What is your estimation regarding professional traders? And what is the criteria that distinguish between retail and professional traders?
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Any retail Traders in r/Singapore? Futures/forex?

As the title goes, anyone here actively pursuing trading as a full time/side hustle?
Do share the what type of asset class, time zones you work with.
For myself I take forex positions after work, during US open and close them around 1am. Been looking to explore into the class of index futures next time.
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Which type of forex trader is best for retail investors?

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If majority of retail forex traders lose money, should you just inverse your actions?

If you think you should long, then just short instead and vice versa
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Losing percentage for retail traders at 107 EU Forex brokers (ESMA reports) - 12 months ending September 30

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Hello US Retail traders: Scalping the news with minimum slippage... Oanda or

If you have experience trading the news on either Oanda or, I'd love to hear about your experience.
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Forex Autopilot – Review of the Most Popular Forex Robot Available to Retail Traders Today

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Forex Autopilot – Review of the Most Popular Forex Robot Available to Retail Traders Today

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Forex Autopilot – Review of the Most Popular Forex Robot Available to Retail Traders Today

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Is it possible for a retail trader to make good money from forex auto trading? I’m programmer in my day job and started to make a couple of bots. I see a lot of comments and posts saying how they struggle to make bots but so far the coding side for me has been easy.

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professional forex trader - professional traders vs retail traders in forex (3 major differences)

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we give you the 7 truths about Expert Advisor for forex market and retail traders.

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IB forex traders in the US... where are you planning to migrate to now that retail forex is closing there?

I can't seem to find a decent ECN (no market making) broker that can server US clients... any ideas?
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Would retail traders, boutique firms, institutional investors and others interested in forex buy such a service?

Hi Everyone,
As the title suggest I am wanting to offer a service which is two fold:
In one part I want to offer a service which is a semantic intelligence/sentiment analysis data stream driven by user keywords for determing the "mood" of the internet.
In the second part I want to retail currency valuations reports based on the semantic streams in which I provide my own input on the intelligence reports show differences in exchange rates.
So either you can subscribe and receive a raw data stream that is connected to a graph to model the "mood" of the internet via the semantic data streams and do your own analysis or you can use my analysis to see how "mood" is affecting rates.
Please let me know your thoughts, and I can ofcourse delve deeper into how the semantic/sentiment data stream is calculated,etc.
Thank you in advance.
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Some has to lose for someone else to win?

I heard someone say before that in forex you don't want to follow the "mainstream" aka most popular trend predictions, because someone has to lose for another to win. Everyone can't be winners. And fact is that most traders are losers.
Is that really right though? Can someone explain more? I mean the popular predictions are popular for a good reason, and that is because all the indicators show that it's far more likely for the trend to go in a specific direction than the other way.
Also, if it that was true, then it wouldn't be in the expert's interest to make posts and videos to show their trend predictions and charts, unless they are deceiving us by showing us the opposite of what they think will happen? But in that case they wouldn't have many followers for long.
But if it is true that you want as many people to make the same trade as you, then why are people saying that it's against the interest of the real pros who have actually winning strategies and winning expert AI to publicly release their strategies?
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Is forex profitable in 2020

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Why does Forex gets such a bad rep?

If you don't know what I am talking about, just type it up. Take 15 seconds of your time, go in google images, and see the difference when you type "Forex lifestyle" and "stock market lifestyle".
Theoretically, Forex trading isn't much different than stock trading. Both are financial markets using charts with candlestick that create the same patterns. Both rely on reports, news and the economy. Also, just like the stock market, banks and big insitutions trade forex too.
In fact, forex is the largest financial market in the world with a daily volume around $6.6 trillion compared to only $200 billions for all the stock markets. Forex is responsible for the exchange of goods between countries. It is literally the foundation of a worldwide economy.
So why is it that when someone asks you what you do for a living or that when you tell someone you're trading forex, you always get that weird suspicious look as if you're a fraud yourself.
Why is it that people don't take seriously what you do and what you love doing, because they have this weird idea of a pyramid scheme created in their head. People are so lost. I mean, how could it even be a scam lmao. No matter what you trade: stocks, options, etf, bonds, forex, name them all... trading is trading.
As long as I am making money and know what I am doing, and couldn't care less about other people's opinion nowdays lol. But lately I've been asking myself this question and I simply wanted to know other people's opinions.
So back to my question: why does Forex gets such a bad rep?
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Professional Traders vs. Retail Forex Traders (3 ... Anton Kreil Explains What is Tradable in FOREX for Retail ... Trading AGAINST retail traders (LOSERS)  2 Live Trade ... Leverage: The Retail Trader Annihilator How to Trade Retail Sales Truth about forex retail traders

With so many retail Forex traders engaging in scalping or day trading strategies, I am not surprised that most Forex traders lose money . This combination of high frequency trading, and staring at charts all day is very psychologically taxing. Most day traders are failing because their patience wears too thin. They begin to do silly things in the market out of boredom, fatigue or frustration ... Many Forex retail traders often complain that the Forex market is unfair to them. One moment they are sure that the price is going in one direction. They enter a trade in that direction, and suddenly, the price goes in the opposite direction. These traders are victims of bank market manipulation. Phase 3: Distribution . This is the third and final phase of their trading strategy. This is where ... Traders who are trading with big margins and looking for highest accuracy and return in Forex trading advisable to join us with our best service package for Forex trading signal i.e. FOREX Retail Pack. Service feature includes. Maximum 2 or 3 Intraday FOREX Signals daily basis with target up to 15 to 20 pips. Monthly 25 to 28 Signals will be given. Buy stop and sell stop trading strategy to ... The retail trader has come a long way since the mid-1990’s when retail Forex trading really began to take off. Prior to that, anyone trading currencies for his own account had many things working against him, from not having an independent price data source, to being ripped off by the early brokers, and to not having access to the same kind of information that bank traders have. Why are traders choosing No. 1 FX broker in the US* We have served US traders for over 18 years. Trade 80+ FX pairs, and gold & silver . Global opportunities 24/5 with flexible trade sizes. EUR/USD as low as 0.2. Trade your way with flexible pricing options including spread only, spread + fixed commission, or STP Pro. *Based on client assets per the 2019 monthly Retail Forex ... Retail forex traders all use similar types of technical analysis. Different indicators, moving averages, candlesticks, and chart patterns in an attempt to try and time short term price movement. Smart Money easily traps traders into the market at poor trade locations and then moves against their positions, stopping them out repeatedly for losses. Smart Money are experts at manipulation and ... Retail forex trading is a smaller sector of the overall forex market. Individuals can set up trading accounts with a forex broker and access the global currency market for intra day trading, swing trading, speculation, or position trading. Retail traders can also use margin and leverage, which is another attractive feature. In some retail ... In today’s article, I’m going to be giving you a small lesson in understanding how the majority of retail traders trade the forex market. The reason I want show you how they trade, is because in one of my new articles I’ve got coming out in a few weeks, I’m going to be showing you how to determine the strength of a supply or demand zone. In July 2020 estimates for seasonally adjusted index of retail trade show a monthly contraction, even though levels of total sales confirm recovery after steep falls due to Covid-19 outbreak. When compared with June 2020, value of sales decreased by 2.2%, while volume of retail trade dropped by 3.1%. Partial recovery after lockdown was confirmed in the three-month on three-month series, as ... Retail Trade. From In August 2020 estimates for seasonally adjusted index of retail trade were nearly at pre-pandemic levels, as value rose by 8.2% and volume increased by 11.2% in the month on month series. In the three months to August 2020, both value and volume showed a strong growth (+22.8% and +22.4% respectively) due to monthly rises in June and August when compared with steep ...

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Professional Traders vs. Retail Forex Traders (3 ...

In this video, you will learn that retail traders are quite easily predictable in markets and that trading against retail traders and trading against the cro... Many amateur traders out there are looking for the secret forex strategy that supposedly only the forex masters possess. That’s the wrong way to look at this. There is no such thing as a secret ... 3 major differences between professional traders vs retail traders. Professional fx traders practice risk management differently as compared to the 90% of fo... Learn how to trade retail sales with Forex and how it affects prices, brought to you by Join today and learn to trade in more than video lessons and trading courses. SEMINAR REGISTRATION - CLICK HERE - TRADER MENTORING PROGRAMS - CLICK HERE - ONLINE EDUCA... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue